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Our Team

ICDI Personnel

Our team consists of a small group of Programme Consultants, and technical and social care experts, as required. All have extensive work experience in a variety of non-profit and private sector organizations, as well as in self-employment. In addition, the team has a wealth of training for special needs, and youth and community development experience, with each team member's specialties contributing to what constitutes a broad total resource pool. Two of the team were born in Ireland.

The particular individuals chosen for a project are selected on the basis of providing an experienced team, balanced for gender, cultural understanding of both traditions in Ireland, youth development, and familiarity with the workplace in Toronto.


  • Bill Jermyn
    Bill Jermyn, founder and president of the Irish Canadian Development Institute, has over 30 years experience in training, international marketing, and business consultancy. He has been involved in the planning and implementation of all of the programmes mentioned in this outline. He is also president of William Jermyn & Associates, a management consultancy firm that provides, strategic market research, marketing consultancy, and specialized management services, as well as customized training programmes. Since 1988, he has carried out training and business consultancy assignments for a wide range of private sector, non-profit, and government clients from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland, Russia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, the U.S., as well as from Canada.

    Prior to the establishment of William Jermyn & Associates, Bill served as a marketing consultant with the Irish Trade Board. He was based in the Board’s New York office from 1978-80, and worked from 1984-1988 as Director for Canada, based in Toronto. He commenced his business career with the Irish Telephone Company, followed by working in the Dublin office of Arthur Andersen & Co.

    Bill was born and received his early education in Cork, and received an engineering and arts degree from Trinity College, Dublin. He has written on marketing and training topics and presented to Canadian, U.S, and European business and community sector groups. He is a member of the International Trade Club of Toronto, a board member of the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce, and on the Advisory Committees of his local Community & Recreation Centre, and High School.

Programme Consultants

  • Richard Creighton
    Richard Creighton has over 11 years experience in business and international youth work. He has managed a number of projects for ICDI, in a variety of industry sectors.

    Prior to his involvement with ICDI, he was involved in a range of youth, leadership, and experiential learning and outdoor education work in Toronto, Sydney, and Belfast, over a 3-year period. He also travelled extensively in his private and professional capacity in Canada, the US, Central America, Australia, and Europe.

    Richard worked in the business world for a number of years as a technical sales representative for an industrial products company in Belfast. During that time, he commenced his involvement in youth work, and was in involved with a Wider Horizons Programme in Toronto in 1997. He was born and received his early education in Tyrone, and has a diploma in marketing from the Belfast Institute for Further and Higher Education.

  • Gilda Greer
    Gilda Greer has over 10 years experience in the workplace, working with youth in a variety of positions, and also in business research and promotion. Before her involvement with ICDI, she was in charge of the marketing department of a radio station for 2 years, in which capacity she mentored the workplace experience of a participant in one of our Wider Horizons Programmes.

    Prior to this, she had experience introducing and supervising youth in intern and co-op positions, in domestic Ontario-based programmes, with proven success in assisting them improve their work and social skills. She has managed youth leadership camps for the Ministry of Natural Resources, and other clients. In addition, she has experience working in a treatment centre for youth with psychological and social problems.

    Gilda was born, and received her early education, in Toronto, and has a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  • Sé Keohane
    Sé Keohane has over 18 years work experience, primarily in the non-profit sector. She consults in a number of capacities including administrative, fundraising, human resources and promotional services for environmental and charitable agencies in Toronto. She has worked with ICDI, sourcing work placements, and mentoring trainees.

    She worked fulltime for a number of years with the Ireland Fund, Toronto office, and before and afterwards with 3 further non-profit agencies involved with youth development, charitable, and environmental issues, respectively.

    Sé was born, and received her early education in British Columbia. She moved to Ireland and completed her secondary schooling in Cork, and commenced university there before returning to Vancouver, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia. She is involved in a number of voluntary and charitable activities in Toronto.


  • Kate Gillen
    Kate Gillen has over 12 years experience as a freelance producer/director for a variety of TV documentaries, produced in both Belfast and Toronto. She has consulted to ICDI on media sector internships, and has also provided trainee mentoring and support services.

    Kate was born and received her early education in Enniskillen, and subsequently took a diploma in Radio and TV Production in Ballyfermot Community College, Dublin; she also took a course at the London Film School.

  • Susan Lowry
    Susan Lowry has over 30 years experience as a community worker with adolescents, young adults, and families, in a variety of situations. She has worked for a number of youth and community agencies in Toronto. She provided trainee support, mentoring, and placement sourcing services for several ICDI programmes between 1994 and 1998, and now remains on an advisory basis, as required.

    Susan was born and educated in Kansas, in the US, and attended the University of Copenhagen for a semester while earning a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Washburn, Kansas. She is a member of the Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers.

  • Christina Terry
    Christina Terry has over 15 years work experience. She currently consults on communication to professional associations, and PR companies. She has managed membership services for the Canadian Film & Television Production Association, acted as publicity and fundraising co-ordinator for a theatre, and carried out administrative functions in a number of organizations. She was also involved with freelance film and design work in her early career.

    Christina was born, and received her education in Toronto, earning a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto.